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The Silhouette Portrait

The Silhouette Portrait is a smaller, ligter version of the popular Silhouette CAMEO. Like the CAMEO, the Portrait connects to your computer, allowing you the freedom to cut all your fonts, download thousands of designs, or design shapes of your own with the included software. This is a 8.5”x 11 cutter that can cut up to 10' long.

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Silhouette CAMEO™

The Silhouette CAMEO™ is an electronic cutting tool for personal use.  Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC
or Mac® with a simple USB cable.  However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12" wide and 10 feet long. The machine also boasts a quiet motor and the ability to register and cut printed materials.

In the box:
The Silhouette CAMEO™ ships with the following important items:

  • Silhouette electronic cutting tool
  • Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS X 10.5.8 and higher
  • 51 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 12" cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • basic instruction guide
Silhouette CAMEO™
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Silhouette CAMEO™ Bundle
1 Cameo Die Cut Machine
Includes everything above PLUS
1 Starter set Silhouette Pens
1 Roll of Silhouette 9"x10' vinyl roll (You
choose color)
1 Replacement Blade

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webassets/dustcover.jpgCAMEO Dust Cover
Available in Grey, Teal, and Natural

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$25.00 Silhouette Download Card
This physical card gives you access to
thousands of cuttable images found on
the Silhouette Online Store and makes a
great gift. These download cards ship
via normal postal services. If you're in a
pinch and need downloads sooner, we can
email you the code for immediate use.

$19.99 webassets/SILH-PEN-MTL.gifadd_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Metallic Sketch Pens
Contains four pens: one silver, gold, copper, and white. Silver,
copper and white are great for use on dark papers. Gold, silver
and copper have a metallic sheen that gets more shimmery
with each pass of the pen. Try "double cutting" your sketch
design for a more pronounced effect.

$6.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gifwebassets/SILH-PEN-START.gif 

Sketch Pen Starter Set
Contains eight pens: one black, red, pink, green, yellow,
purple, blue, and orange.

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webassets/glittersketchpens.jpgGlitter Sketch Pens
Contains 4 pens:  one green, one aqua, one pink and one black.
These pens look awesome on paper.  The glitter really shines!

$6.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

webassets/QK-TOOL-04-IND.gifPick Me Up Tool
Pick up and place rhinestones and other embellishments
with the pick-me-up tool from Silhouette.  Also features a
flat side to help lift items off the mat and a poker tool to
poke out those little peices.  This is a must have tool!
$6.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif Out of Stock

webassets/QK-TOOL-02.gifwebassets/QK-TOOL-02.gifScraper Tool
Use the scraper to apply transfer paper to vinyl, smooth adhesive
to temporary tattoo paper, and scrape cutting mats clean.
$3.99 webassets/SILH-PEN-HLDR.gifadd_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Pen Holder
This pen holder allows you to convert your Silhouette into
 a plotter by holding a ball point pen. You do not need this
 adapter to use the Silhouette sketch pens - only to draw
with your own ball point pen.

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See our Vinyl Section for our complete line of Vinyl


Craft Robo, Wishblade, Silhouette Blades
webassets/SILH-BLADE-3.gifNew Style 2 Pack Replacement Blades
This replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette, Craft ROBO, and Wishblade electronic cutting tools.
 $25.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

NEW Craft Robo, Wishblade, Silhouette Fabric Blade
webassets/SILH-BLADE-FAB.jpgYour fabric blade, like your sewing scissors, will dull when used with paper. That’s why it’s important that a separate blade is kept on hand for cutting fabric with your Silhouette.

Contents: One fabric blade

$12.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif

webassets/CR09308K.gifSilhouette Portrait, Craft ROBO, Wishblade Carrier Sheets (1/pk)
This cutting mat is compatible with both the original Silhouette and the Silhouette SD. The mat is intended for use with all materials such as cardstock and pattern paper.

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webassets/CUT-MAT-12.gifSilhouette CAMEO 12" Carrier Sheet (1pk.)
This cutting mat is compatible with the new Silhouette CAMEO. The mat is intended for use with thick or thin materials.

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OEM Silhouette Cameo 12x24 Mat
This cutting mat has a 12" x 24" cutting area and is intended to be used with the Silhouette CAMEO®. The mat features a strong tack that doesn't tear thin papers, but will last a long time. Contains 1 mat.

$19.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif OUT OF STOCK

Portrait Dust Cover
webassets/dust-covers-portrait.jpgThe Silhouette Portrait™ dust cover is designed to keep your Portrait clean and protected. Personalize it with Silhouette fabric decorating materials to give it a one-of-a-kind look.

The Silhouette Portrait™ dust cover is made of machine-washable canvas

Available in three colors-red, navy, and grey (Please specify which color on order page)

$6.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif OUT OF STOCK

Double Sided Adhesive/Glitter Sheets
webassets/MEDIA-ADHESIVE.jpgDouble-sided adhesive sheets are designed for use with glitter, flocking powder, embossing powder, or decorative materials to create intricate designs with amazingly crisp lines. 

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webassets/MEDIA-GLD-ADH.jpgPrintable Gold Foil
Use this printable gold foil with the Silhouette print and cut feature to make custom labels and stickers from your favorite designs.

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 Printable Silver Foil
Use this printable silver foil with the Silhouette print and cut feature to make custom labels and stickers from your favorite designs.

Contents: Eight 8.5" x 11" sheets printable silver foil

$9.95 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif  

webassets/MEDIA-WHT-ADH.jpgPrintable White Sticker Paper

Use this printable white sticker paper with the Silhouette print and cut feature to make custom stickers and labels from your favorite photos and designs.

Contents: Eight 8.5" x 11" sheets printable white sticker paper

$6.95 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif OUT OF STOCK

webassets/studiodesigner.gifSilhouette Studio Designer Edition Software
Be able to cut SVG files on your Silhouette

Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition is the version of the Silhouette software made especially for designers. The Designer Edition includes more features to help designers import their own artwork as well as create new designs for use with Silhouette products.

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac® OS X 10.5.8 and higher

Click here for more info

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Portrait Tote
The Silhouette Portrait is designed for portability.  This tote is perfect for carrying your Portrait, laptop, and accessories with your wherever you go.  Approx. dimensions:  18" x 7" x12"

$39.99 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif OUT OF STOCK

Krylon Easy Tack Repositional Spray

Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Adhesive provides a repositionable bond on most light weight materials and may be adjusted, removed, and reapplied throughout the life of the bond.  Benefits:  Low odor, non-staining, long-lasting tack, non-wrinkling, less curl.  It’s acid-free formula is ideal for scrapbook projects and it’s also great for stenciling and much more!
10.25 oz
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See http://graphtecamerica.com/CAMEO.html for system requirements for each machine model.